Gigi the Chic Fairy’s Wonderful Activities for a Road Trip

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Gigi the Chic Fairy loves to travel, and she hopes you do too. She knows that sometimes children especially can find road trips long. That’s why she has some suggestions for you. Using a clipboard to hold papers on a road trip is a practical way to allow your children to write or enjoy activities in the car. This fairy wants to invite you to read our blog with us.


Play I Spy

I Spy is a great car game. You can search for the handbags and fairies in this magical Gigi puzzle. You can also take turns in the car making suggestions as a family on what you might spot, for example, a horse in a field, a yellow flower, or a house made out of brick. Download Gigi’s I Spy Game for free here.

Gigi Maze

Scroll down the page to discover the amazing Gigi maze that you can download and add to your road trip clipboards so that you can entertain your children if they’re feeling bored or restless on the journey. This maze works best if you use colored pencils, crayons, or markers to map out Gigi’s path to help her figure out which one will lead her to the Eiffel Tower. Learn more here.

Spot the Differences

This magical design isn’t the same on the left and right sides of the pages. It is up to you to study the illustrations closely to find the differences. This is another fun game for a road trip. Learn more here.

Create a Menu

Your road trip is a special occasion. Use Gigi’s magical menu template to allow your children to suggest a special meal. To make it a bit more challenging, give them parameters such as the meal being grilled over a campfire or eaten during a picnic. Find the menu sheet here. 

Color a Magical Design

Gigi’s free coloring pages all have a magical design on them. In the design pictured above Gigi is spending time with her friend the butterfly. Learn more here.

Help Gigi Find Her Bag

In this magical maze, Gigi needs your help to find her handbag. It somehow got separated from her possession. The maze has lots of roadblocks in it. Are your children up to the challenge on their road trip to help Gigi? Learn more here.

Educational and Fun Activities

This boogie board reusable sketch pad comes with eighteen reusable templates to allow your children to practice their letters, draw and so much more. It could give them hours of fun in the car. It looks like a screen but isn’t and will help them learn without it feeling like schoolwork. Learn more here.

Activity Book and Travel Journal

Books such as this one by Teacher Veronica titled, “Road Trip Activities Book and Travel Journal for Kids. 100+ Pages of Road Trip Games and Activities” is a great way to pass the time in the car. This book is specially designed for a trip and can help children record special memories along the way. Learn more here.

Thank you for joining Gigi the Chic Fairy on this magical adventure. She hopes that you have amazing road trips this year. Join her on social media for more magical fun or keep exploring her website.

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