Kids Club

Welcome to Gigi the Chic Fairy’s Magical Kids Club. With the launch of Teelie Turner’s magical book On the Magical Runway: Gigi in Paris, we have several magical activities for you to enjoy.

It’s time to help Gigi get ready for her magical runway appearance. Can you help her get into her enchanted purple gown, and then climb up onto the platform?

Cut out each dress, keeping it on the hanger. Then, you can hang it in Gigi’s magical closet.

Welcome to Gigi’s enchanted closet. Cut out the closet and then add the detachable bar so that you can hang up Gigi’s evening gowns.

Use your creativity to color these magical illustrations featuring Gigi the Chic Fairy. What color are you going to make her enchanted evening gowns?

Look closely. What can your eyes see? Can you spot the 9 handbag and 9 fairies that are hidden in this amazing illustration?

It seems that Gigi got so excited during her trip to Paris that she flew out of her gorgeous shoes. Can you help her get through the maze so she can get back to her shoes?

Download the magical postcard and then write a note to a friend or family member. You can glue both sides of the postcard together to have it look like a real one.