Find Unique And Fashionable Miniatures With Gigi The Chic Fairy


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Enjoy a magical adventure with Gigi the Chic Fairy as she sets out to find fashionable and fun miniatures that you can enjoy.

Aren’t these fairy or doll sized ruby red slippers absolutely beautiful. Gigi loves them because they’re sparkly. They’d also look incredible with her favorite red dress.

Gigi loves changing up her handbags depending on where she’s going. These mini satchel tote bags are among the options in her amazing closet.

For extremely fancy events, Gigi the Chic Fairy prefers to go with a more stunning option for her handbag. One option are these little golden clutches.

With an incredible assortment of sequined dresses, shoes, handbags and perfume, the doll who owns this closet is extremely fortunate because of all the choices she has.

Gigi loves the way that this assortment of shoes and high heeled boots fits onto this beautiful white shoe rack. She can’t wait to try them on.

On a rainy day, even a fairy might need an umbrella or at least some fairy dust to keep their outfits from getting damp. This blue and pink one are very cute. They could also work as a sunshade on a hot day.

From a swim in the pool or ocean wearing a chic bathing suit or attending an event in a dress, the clothing and accessories that are available in this enchanted closet set are sure to impress your doll or fairy friends.

These beautiful skirts and blouses are chic and fun. Gigi the Chic Fairy loves the versatility of the designs too.

Join us again in two weeks as we give you some tips on organizing a magical Parisian themed party with Gigi the Chic Fairy.

You can enjoy this video that features one of my stunning book trailers.

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