Discover Gigi The Chic Fairy’s Awesome Collections For Spring


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Gigi the Chic Fairy is so glad that spring has finally arrived. She’s going to share some of her favorite items and designs from her collections with you. She is excited that spring is in the air. Join us for more magic.  

Teelie Turner Fashions was inspired by Gigi the Chic Fairy because of her knowledge in the fashion industry and the stylishness of her work. Therefore, it is only fitting that Gigi share some of the amazing clothing options which have fairies on them. She is so pleased to be able to share Teelie Turner Fashions’ designs. Above is the April Mock Top which looks warm and comfortable. It is from the Fairy Pastel Glow collection.

The Pastel Fairy Shimmer design is similar to the Fairy Pastel Glow collection only its colors are brighter, and the fairies are gold instead of white. This design also has some magical butterflies on it. Gigi is a huge fan of this design and is showing you the Ava Poncho today.

The Parisian Fairy Balloons collection was one of the first one created in the Teelie Turner Fashions brand which has expanded from just clothing to now offering accessories. This amazing large leather bucket tote bag is an amazing option to help you look stylish and carry around your essentials at the same time. The design was inspired by Gigi the Chic Fairy’s trip to Paris.

The Gigi in Paris Collection design comes from the On the Magical Runway: Gigi in Paris book that Teelie Turner wrote. This scene features the models that Gigi helps out with her wisdom and advice. We’re showing you the Olivia Wrap Dress which is stylish and versatile.

In the On the Magical Runway: Gigi in Paris book, Gigi travels in her human friend Adriana’s handbag. This beautiful design known as Gigi the Chic Fairy and Her Enchanted Handbag was inspired by that event in the book. In this design Gigi is wearing a magnificent pink dress and is behind a bright blue handbag. There are also lots of fun sparkles. We’re showing you the apron since it can be used for a number of things such as cooking, crafting, gardening, or painting.

In this design on a lovely blue background, Gigi the Chic Fairy is wearing a chic and sparkly blue dress, standing by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This design comes from Teelie Turner’s book Gigi’s Magical Parisian Holiday. We’re showing you the throw pillow which is available in a few different sizes. You have the choice of purchasing the pillow cover and insert or just the cover.

Gigi’s Magical Candy Carriage is a whimsical design featuring a carriage made out of an assortment of candy. This would be a fun design for a children’s space in your home. We’re showing you the acrylic block which is available in two different sizes and stands up easily to sit on a shelf or table.

The Gigi Sparkles in Pink collection features her wearing her stylish pink dress. We’re sharing the design on a zipper pouch because they are sturdy, versatile, and available in three different sizes. They’d work great as a pencil case or a makeup bag.

In two weeks, Gigi the Chic Fairy will have more magic to share with you. This time we’re going to be looking at fashionable miniatures for a fairy garden.

You can enjoy this video that features one of my stunning book trailers.

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