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Gigi in Paris

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Gigi the Chic Fairy and all of her magical friends are excited to share this week’s announcement with you. Enchanted free downloads have been created to celebrate the launch of Teelie Turner’s second book about Gigi. It is called On the Magical Runway: Gigi in Paris. You can learn more in this special video.

Gigi doll

Gigi in Paris: Paper Doll

Magical Paper Doll

Gigi is ready to take her place on the runway but first, she needs to get dressed. Help her into her magical purple dress and then up onto the runway stand so she can show everyone how magical she looks. Download your Gigi in Paris paper doll here.

Free dresses and closet

Gigi’s Dresses and Closet

Gigi’s Stunning Closet

Help Gigi hang her clothing in the closet. You can find her fancy dresses from the runway collection that she created with Adriana here. The closet including a removable bar to hang the dresses is available here.


Gigi’s Shoes Maze

Help Gigi Find Her Shoes Maze

Gigi needs your help getting to the pair of shoes that she lost. Download the magical maze zip file to find them here.


Gigi Path Maze

Which Path to Paris Maze

There are three paths that Gigi can choose but only one leads to Paris. Can you help her determine which one will get her to Paris? A zip download to get the maze is available here.


Gigi Postcard

Gigi’s Parisian Postcard

Sending postcards can be lots of fun. Find a downloadable postcard that you can write to a friend or family member here.

Gigi activity

Gigi’s Magical Search Game

Spot the Fairies and Handbags

Download a magical search game here and help find nine handbags and nine fairies that are hidden in the photo. What else can you spot in this magical picture?

Coloring page

Gigi on the Runway Coloring Page 

Gigi on the Runway Coloring Page

Gigi loves watching people color. She also enjoys sketching out beautiful clothing. What color will you choose to make Gigi’s dress on this magical coloring page? Download the zip file here to get started.

Coloring Page

Fashionable Gigi Coloring Page 

Fashionable Gigi Coloring Page

Gigi is looking very fashionable on this coloring page. But she needs a hand to add some color to this black and white drawing. Download the zip file to get the free printable coloring page here.

Gigi the Chic Fairy hopes that you have an incredible time enjoying all the activities. She’d love to know how you enjoyed her activities. Reach out to her on social media or comment on the blog.

You may also enjoy this video about some beautiful handbags that Gigi liked.



Enter now for your chance to win a paperback or eBook copy of On the Runway: Gigi in Paris. There are ten available.

Discover Teelie Turner’s complete collection of magical books here. 

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