Discover What’s in Gigi the Chic Fairy’s Magically Miniature Wardrobe

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Hello, Friends of the Fairies, we are so glad that you could stop by. Gigi the Chic Fairy has just finished creating some more magical and stylish pieces of clothing with her human designer friend Adriana.

Enchanted Fairy Land Closets

Woodland fairy wardrobe, miniature closet, and clothes, fairy dollhouse furniture (The Bracelet House)

The first magical creation that Gigi is pleased to have is this adorable miniature wooden wardrobe. It holds many of her magical dresses and skirts. As you can see from the photo above, Gigi loves the colors pink and green. She equally enjoys bold colors and soft tones. She is a chic fairy, and it pleases her to try wearing different colors and styles.

Woodland fairy wardrobe, miniature closet and clothes, fairy dollhouse furniture (The Bracelet House)

This is another exquisite view of the miniature wardrobe where many of Gigi’s enchanted outfits are hanging. These dresses are also in beautiful shades of pink and green. We know they are going to look amazing on Gigi. We can’t wait to learn what occasions she wears these fabulous dresses to.

Tammy Couchman Vintage Fairy Wardrobe

This is another of Gigi’s magical wardrobes. Not only is she able to display her enchanted pink and green dresses and skirts, but there is also a wonderful shelf for shoes and other fashionable accessories. When Gigi attends an event, she has to be looking her best. As the Magical Chic Fairy, it is her responsibility to help humans and fairies feel good about themselves in whatever they’re wearing. In addition to looking fabulous, Gigi helps teach others about self-confidence.

Scarlett’s Fairy Garden miniature clotheslines

Sometimes Gigi the Chic Fairy also displays her clothing on a miniature clothesline. Frequently as she prepares for fashion shows with Adriana, her human designer friend, they aren’t sure which dresses and outfits they want to take with them. Having the clothing in clear view at all times on the clothesline can help them to make their selections. This adorable miniature white dress with the frills looks like a wonderful option for many special occasions.

Scarlett’s Fairy Garden miniature clotheslines

This cute blue dress with the white accents is another magical option that Gigi the Chic Fairy hung up on a miniature clothesline. Gigi often creates prototypes for dresses in miniature sizes so that she and Adriana have an idea of what a dress will look like, and if they want to produce it in human size. Gigi and Adriana’s collaboration is extremely enchanted.

 Olive Nature Folklore Dress Found in the Garden, Each one of a Kind

Gigi the Chic Fairy sometimes hangs her dresses up on branches too. She likes the rustic but fashionable look that it can give, especially when she uses this type of display at a magical fashion show. This dress is absolutely stunning and is in Gigi’s favorite pink and green colors.

Thank you again for visiting Gigi the Chic Fairy and exploring her magical closet with us. Please come back and visit us soon for more amazing and enchanted discoveries in Fairy Land.

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