The Magical Shoe Fashion Show that Gigi the Chic Fairy Attended

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Hello and welcome back to Gigi the Chic Fairy’s website. As you probably already know, Gigi has an enchanted closet that is full of beautiful and magical miniature shoes. She is looking forward to attending a magical fashion show that is shoe-inspired. She found some shoes that she is hoping will be available on the runaway.


My Little Shops Shoe Extravaganza

Incredible Closets Filled With Miniature Shoes

My Little Shops’ extravagant closets that are filled with miniature shoes are every fashionista and fairy’s dream. Gigi the Chic Fairy sometimes changes her shoes a dozen times a day when she is helping her human friend Adriana come up with various styles and looks for their fashion line. Discover miniature shoe closets here.

fairy house

Wind and Weather on Pinterest

An Enchanted Place for a Shoe Themed Fashion Show

Wind and Weather on Pinterest have an incredible fairy garden scene featuring a high-heeled shoe that is a fairy house. We thought that this would make an incredible location for a shoe-themed fashion show. Sure, it could happen in an auditorium or outdoors as a traditional show would, but this is a fashionable Fairy Land activity, and therefore a little more magic and pizzazz are possible. Discover this adorable shoe house here.


Debbie Woodworth-Corral on Pinterest

Adorable Shoes for the Runway

Which of these adorable pairs of shoes that Debbie Woodworth-Corral shared on Pinterest would you want to wear on the runway if you had tiny feet like our adorable fairy friends? We asked Gigi but since she loves shoes so much, she told us that she would have to try on each pair with a few dresses and magical outfits to know for sure what she likes the best. Discover the miniature shoes here.

fairy garden

Connie Kay Wilson on Pinterest

Magical Shoe Fairy Garden Adventures

What better way to decorate a fashion show that features shoes than to use shoes as part of the décor. This adorable shoe-themed fairy garden comes to us from Connie Kay Wilson on Pinterest. It is chic and colorful. Find more details here. 

Thank you again for visiting Gigi the Chic Fairy’s website. We hope that you’ll come back to see us again soon for more magic and fashion with Gigi the Magical Chic Fairy.

Discover some magical miniature shoes which would look great in your fairy garden or miniature closet.

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Two Vintage Miniature High Heel Shoes – Vintage Decor – Decorative Shoes – Collectible Shoes

Gigi mock up with bracelet

Discover Teelie Turner’s complete collection of magical books here. 

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