The Ultimate Fairy Guide To Magical Mother’s Day Gifts

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Gigi the Chic Fairy knows how busy all the fairies in Fairy Land are. That’s why she decided to put together a stylish and chic guide to help you. Gigi’s sharing the ultimate fairy guide to Mother’s Day gifts with you.

Gigi the Chic Fairy and Her Enchanted Handbag™ Apron

Fix a Meal

Fix a special meal for your mom or a mom friend this year. Moms don’t always live close by. There are always gifts that you can ensure that mom gets, but if you can’t be with your mom, bring some joy to another mom who maybe can’t be with their mom either. Joy can be found in many amazing ways. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be traditional. Do what makes you feel magical and happy. Gigi decided to show you one of her aprons as they’re stylish and are great for fun in the kitchen, as well as painting, crafting, and gardening. Learn more here.

Felicia’s Butterfly Love Poster

Download a Poster

Download a magical Felicia poster as a gift for your mom. Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy’s posters are filled with magic and are sure to bring a smile to your mom’s face when she sees one. Featured above is Felicia’s Butterfly Love poster. Learn more here.

The Sounds Of The Wind Beach Sign, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse

Calming Miniatures

Help your mom start or expand her fairy garden. Choose a calming miniature with a fun theme to help bring some peace and magic to her life. Gigi decided to show you the Sounds of the Wind Beach sign that has a beautiful saying on it. Learn more here.

Amazing Rainbow Cupcakes with a Cherry on Top, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse

Amazing Treats

Offer your mom some amazing treats like these rainbow cupcakes with a cherry on top. Not only will they be delicious, but they look incredible too. Learn more here.

Gigi Shabby Chic Paris Adventure Oh la la IFG

Enchanted Instant Fairy Garden

Join Gigi on a magical adventure with her Shabby Chic Paris Adventure Oh la la instant fairy garden. This is an opportunity for your mom to escape into a world of magic and creation as she decides how she wants to place all the components in this enchanted instant garden. Learn more here.

How Gigi Becomes A Chic Magical Fairy

A Magical Book

Learn how Gigi got her start as a chic magical fairy with this enchanted book. We’re sharing the eBook version with you. In this story, Gigi will tell you about her work, meeting her human friend Adriana and the importance of never letting go of a dream. Learn more here.

How Gigi Becomes A Chic Magical Fairy™ A-Line Dress

Update Mom’s Wardrobe

Choose something magical like Gigi’s A-Line dress that is black with a small Gigi in a red dress on it. Even if the dress probably won’t reach your mom before Mother’s Day, you can always take a picture of it and put it in a card. This way Mom can look forward to the magic that is coming her way. Learn more here.

Gigi’s Magical Parisian Holiday™ Spiral Notebook

A Stylish Notebook

A stylish notebook is another magical idea for a Mother’s Day gift. Gigi is sharing her beautiful spiral notebook with a blue background and a picture of her in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris with you. Hardcover journals are also available. Learn more here.

 Gigi the Chic Fairy hopes that you have enjoyed her gift guide. She hopes that you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. You can learn more about Gigi and her Mother’s Day adventures on social media.

Gigi Paris

Discover Teelie Turner’s complete collection of magical books here.

You can enjoy this video that features one of my stunning book trailers.


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