How to Make the Best of an Ugly Christmas Sweater With Gigi

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Gigi the Chic Fairy has been invited to an ugly sweater party. Her human designer friend Adriana asked her to go along. Gigi plans to use her fairy magic to make the best out of this situation. Her favorite clothes to wear are a dress and leggings but she knows that sometimes it is important to step out of her comfort zone. She’s put together eight tips for making the best out of attending an ugly sweater party even if you aren’t sure about it.  

Gnomes Christmas Sweatshirt Women Leopard Plaid Gnome Graphic Shirt Casual Long Sleeve Crewneck Pullover Tops

Choose a Theme

If you thought that the theme of an ugly Christmas party, was just to wear an ugly Christmas sweater, you’d be partially correct. However, you can make your experience even more magical by selecting a theme of your own choosing such as gnomes. The Christmas sweatshirt above is fairly plain and Gigi would have to use some fairy dust to bedazzle it before the Christmas party, but she thinks it has some potential because gnomes are part of the magical world that she’d like to share with Adriana’s friends, at least the ones who believe in fairies. Find this sweater here.

JOYIN Womens LED Light Up Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater Built-in Light Bulbs

Select a Bright Design

This Christmas sweater that features Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on it includes built-in LED bulbs that are going to enhance the already bright design. The sweater has a lovely red background, and the lights are going to add a festive and unique touch to your wardrobe for the ugly sweater party. Learn more about this bright choice here.

Jumppmile Womens Ugly Christmas Xmas Oversize Turtleneck Pullover Sweater Dress with Pockets

Adapt to Your Style

Since Gigi is stepping out of her comfort zone to attend the ugly Christmas sweater party, there are ways that she can still find an outfit that she’s comfortable in. This oversize turtleneck sweater dress might be an excellent choice for Gigi since she prefers being in a dress and leggings. The sweater also has pockets that can lend to the casualness of the event. If you’re willing to think outside the box, there’s always a way that you can adapt your style to any situation. Full details about the sweater dress can be found here.

Christmas Sweater for Women Cute Merry Xmas Santa Claus Holiday Cozy Knit Pullover Crewneck Sweatshirts Tops

You Have to Like It

Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater wouldn’t be something that Gigi would normally do, but she’s ready to embrace the opportunity to attend a Christmas party with Adriana. As she searches for the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for herself, she knows that she needs to like the one she chooses. The sweaters might be ugly in a cute sort of way, but there’s sure to be a design out there that will please Gigi more than others. Pictured above is a red sweater with a snowflake print. Learn more here.

Women Ugly Christmas Sweater Funny Penguin Merry Xmas Holiday Knit Pullover Vintage Crewneck Sweatshirts Tops

Embrace the Situation

When selecting your ugly Christmas sweater, embrace the situation and allow yourself to shine, like the star on the top of the tree in this adorable sweater that has a festive penguin on it. You might even want to go a step further and get yourself a holiday headband like the woman in the photo. Find the sweater here.  

SSLR-Ugly-Christmas-Sweatshirts-for-Women-Funny Hoodies Xmas Holiday Pullover Lightweight

Want to Wear it Again

When you choose an ugly Christmas sweater, don’t just pick up the first one you see thinking that you’ll just wear it once. To know if you’re choosing the right sweater, ask yourself if you’d want to wear it again. Gigi thinks the ugly Christmas sweater that is pictured above with Santa and a cat on it, and some gifts is beautiful. The design and choice of colors are fun and festive and Gigi can see herself lounging around her Fairy Land home in it, or in the attic at the fashion house. More information is available here.

Women’s Costume Top Snowflake Snowman Print Casual Sports 3D Active Streetwear Blouse Christmas Tops

A Sweater that’s a Work of Art

If you look long enough, you might find an ugly Christmas sweater that gives the appearance of being a work of art. Gigi fell in love with the sweater that is pictured above. It looks like a painting came alive on the fabric. We love the snowflake embellishment at the top of the sweater and the snowman scene with the birds on it. The design gives the appearance of being 3D. Complete details are available here.

Miessial Women’s Knitted Christmas Pattern Sweater Comfy Crewneck Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater

Be Prepared to Discuss Your Choice

If you’re attending an ugly Christmas sweater party, choose a sweater that you’re prepared to talk about. People are going to be asking about your sweater. They want to know why you chose it. We chose this fun llama Christmas sweater to share with you. Learn more about it here.

We hope that Gigi the Chic Fairy has given you the confidence and right attitude to make the best out of any ugly sweater party that you’re going to be attending this Christmas.

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