Gigi Volunteers for a Great Cause

Gigi Volunteers for a Great Cause

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Hello and welcome back to Gigi the Chic Fairy’s website. She’s so glad that you could join her. In addition to her work with her human friend Adriana, designing runway quality clothing, Gigi also volunteered for a special cause this month. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Gigi joined her friend Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy to spread some magic to those who need a little cheering up.


3 Pink Pumpkins, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Fall, Halloween, Hot Pink Pumpkins, White Stems, Pink Stems, Clay Pumpkins, Fall Garden

Adorable Fairy Gardens

One of Gigi’s missions was to deliver some magical pink pumpkins to help create fairy gardens throughout the world for those struggling with breast cancer. You can find some of these adorable pumpkins on Etsy.


 Set of Breast Cancer Awareness ornaments

Magical Trees

During the month of October, many communities hold breast cancer awareness walks and runs. Gigi helped to decorate some trees in a few towns to add to the festive and hopeful atmosphere. Some of the ornaments that she used had the breast cancer awareness ribbon, the word hope, or a butterfly on them. Learn more on Etsy.


 Meet Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy™ Framed Art Print

Esperanza Art Print

Gigi was glad to be able to help Esperanza publicize what an important cause breast cancer awareness is. Esperanza spoke at an art gallery about some of the work she’s done helping families to have hope and faith. You can see an art print that Esperanza donated to the cause on Redbubble.

You can learn more about Esperanza in this video.



Join Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy In Pretty In Pink™ Pin

Hope and Faith Pin

Gigi and Esperanza also handed out some of Esperanza’s magical pin buttons. They have a picture of Esperanza on them. In Fairy Land, they are a symbol of hope and faith and the importance of the work that the fairies do to help humans. Find the pin buttons on Redbubble.


Celebration Ornaments – Breast Cancer Awareness Ornament

Ornament for a Cause

Another beautiful ornament that Gigi decorated with is this amazing star decoration that has lovely shades of pink on it. Find it on Etsy.


Breast Cancer Butterfly Car Hanging Ornament, Breast Cancer Awareness Car Hanging Ornament, Pink Ribbon Car Rear View Mirror Pendant MAop9

Adorable Pink Butterfly

Gigi also loved these butterfly ornaments that looked great on the trees that she helped to decorate. They also work as an ornament for a car mirror. They are available on Etsy.


Cancer Bracelet, Breast Cancer, Awareness Jewelry, Charm Bracelet, Cancer Bangle Bracelet, Swarovski Bracelet, Pink Cancer Ribbon Charm

Important Message Bracelet

Gigi gave some women who had survived breast cancer and some who are battling it a little makeover to help them feel beautiful. She also handed out some bracelets with a special message on them. Some of the words on the bracelet were cure, hope, and fight. Learn more on Etsy.


Queen Bee, Pink Cancer Pin, Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry, Pink Bee, Bee Brooch, Honeybee Pin, Bee Jewelry, Queen Bee Pin, P5280

Fashionable Pink Accessories

Another magical accessory that Gigi had with her was some beautiful pink brooches. They were shaped like a honeybee. They are absolutely stunning. They even sparkle in the sunshine. They’re available on Etsy.

Thank you for visiting Gigi the Chic Fairy’s website. She is glad that you could stop by to learn about some of her volunteer work. Helping and supporting others is very important. Please join us again next week for some more magic.

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