Discover Some Magical Mermaid Clothing With Gigi the Chic Fairy


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It’s time for another magical adventure with Gigi the Chic Fairy. This week she’s excited to introduce you to Meredith and Mandy, two of her mermaid friends. You’re going to see some of the clothing in Meredith and Mandy’s clothing lines as well as a few other magical pieces of  mermaid apparel.

Enjoy this magical video about a fairy tea that Gigi recently hosted too.



Mandy The Mermaid™ Sleeveless Top

Magical Sleeveless Top

Mandy the Mermaid has many magical items of clothing in her merchandise collection on Redbubble. One of these items is a sleeveless top. Mandy is enjoying the water on this bright pink shirt.


Mandy The Mermaid™ Chiffon Top

Beautiful Chiffon Top

This beautiful chiffon top is bright pink and has a picture of Mandy the Mermaid on it. It also has black sleeves which give it a vibrant look. Learn more on Redbubble.


 Mandy The Mermaid™ Leggings

Fun Leggings

Leggings are a great option to go with an outfit especially if you’re looking to have comfortable clothing that you can relax in. Mandy the Mermaid is on the leg of these magical leggings which are a lovely shade of pink. Full details and sizes are available on Redbubble.


Meredith the Mermaid™ Graphic T-Shirt Dress

Enchanted T-Shirt Dress

Meet Meredith the Mermaid on this enchanted t-shirt dress. Meredith’s picture is right in the middle of the dress helping to make her and you the star of this stunning apparel choice. Learn more on Redbubble.


Meredith the Mermaid™ Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt

Magical Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt

You can also find Meredith on a fitted V-neck t-shirt. Different colors are available. We decided to show you the black one since it really makes the design come to life. Find it on Redbubble.


Meredith the Mermaid™ Mini Skirt

Vibrant Mini Skirt

Meredith’s image is also available on this vibrant mini skirt. It would pair well with a mermaid t-shirt or a plain colored shirt. Learn more on Redbubble.


Disney Girls’ The Little Mermaid Pajamas

Adorable Mermaid Pajamas

Discover some adorable mermaid pajamas on Amazon. This pair has Ariel the Little Mermaid on them. These would be perfect for a mermaid party. You can also browse Mandy and Meredith’s merchandise collections to find accessories, pillows, and blankets to add to the atmosphere at your mermaid celebration.


Jxstar Girls Long Sleeve Dresses Kids Cotton Fall Winter Swing Twirl Clothes

Enchanted Mermaid Print Dress

The final item that Gigi the Chic Fairy would like to share with you for this week is a long sleeve cotton dress for children. It has a mermaid pattern and beautiful colors to it. Find it on Amazon.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit Gigi the Chic Fairy. She hopes that you’ll come back and see her again soon. She’s currently getting ready for Easter and will have many magical items to share with you.

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Enjoy Hope’s magical book trailer.


Gigi Paris


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