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I am honored that you are considering an advertising partnership with Gigi The Chic Magical Fairy. My Team has officially published over 4,000 articles across our seven websites including here and elsewhere and have partnered with over 150 brands! Audience Demographics:
  • Mostly United States
  • Women
  • Small percentage men
  • Baby boomers
  • Fiction readers
  • People interested in digital courses
  • Ages 25-65
What Is The Age Range For Baby Boomers? As of 2019, the breakdown by age looks like this: Baby BoomersBaby boomers were born between 1944 and 1964. They’re current between 55-75 years old (76 million in U.S.) Gen X: Gen X was born between 1965 – 1979 and are currently between 40-54 years old (82 million people in U.S.) Advertising Opportunities I have several advertising options available including but not limited to: * Ad Banners * Sponsored Posts * Social Media Campaigns * Brand Ambassador Do you have a blog or product that needs promotion? Then look no further, here at Teelie Turner Author we not only promote your website, blog or products but help you get notice in all social media platforms. Here are the rates we offer for banner placement:

125 x 125

$50/month – 3 Months $150.00

256 x 125

$70/month – 3 months $210.00

250 x 250

$90/month – 3 months $270.00

500 x 500

$200/month- 3 months $600.00

300 x 600

$185/month – 3 months $555.00

1000 x 200

$150/month-3 months $450.00


  • Your link, logo and banner will be displayed on one of our websites.
  • We will review your banner to see if it is a good fit with the website you are advertising on and if needed our graphic designer would be able to match our brand look and feel-but we highly encourage you to have a professional banner created.
  • If your banner is professional and needs no modification it will be up in 1 week. If it needs modification it will take 3 weeks in order to get the graphics completed and your approval.


Social Media

Regularly, we will share and promote your links on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest a total of 20 times in the 3/month period. (SML-Social Media Loop).


  • We love giveaways!  For one-month we would promote your giveaway by linking them to your giveaway offer on our (SML-Social Media Loop) Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • I would personally do an FB Live promoting the giveaway and by showing your website and giving a review of your website/blog.
  • We also belong to several FB groups and would share your giveaway with them along with your link to your giveaway.
  • Your link would be on all our SML (Social Media Loop) posts.
  • For one-month promotion it is $100.00

Product Review With Related Blog Post

  • If your product is relevant and useful for our audience, we would love to do a product review and related blog post.
  • We must either have received the product or the specifications, a good description of the product with product links.
  • After receiving the product or specifications and the description it will take two weeks for it to appear on our site and I will send you the link and review.
  • Product Reviews and a corresponding blog post $100.00 for both with links to your site.

OUR Brands

Please contact me directly so I determine if your company and products are a good fit with our brands looking forward to meeting you:

We have seven websites and our brands cover a variety of interest that might be of interest and a good fit for you and your company!

  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Anti-Aging
  • Celebrity Fashion
  • Parties and Occasions
  • Health
  • Tech and Gadgets
  • Holiday
  • Entertaining
  • Home Décor’
  • Food
  • Motherhood
  • Latest Trends
  • Fairy Gardening Fairies
  • Survival
  • Prepping
  • Homesteading
  • Online Marketing Programs and Courses
  • Book Publishing Courses
  • Fiction Fairy Books


For more information, contact us:

When we have agreed on our partnership you may make your payment on this page for the size banner or promotion you would like!

Looking forward to a very prosperous and successful partnership!

Lynn Randall

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