How Gigi Becomes A

Chic Magical Fairy

Who is Gigi?

Welcome to the enchanting world of Gigi, the Chic Magical Fairy! Imagine a whimsical fashion house somewhere in California where everything comes alive with magical energy and beauty. Step inside this captivating realm to join Gigi on her vibrant journey of transformation. As a young fairy, Gigi collects fabrics from the leftover materials of talented designers in the fashion house. Little does she know these remnants will be used to create her chic wardrobe. But this is only the beginning… As she tinkers and dabbles with design, Gigi soon realizes that she has a rare talent for creating dazzling styles and looks after her own heart. What comes next is even more extraordinary: Enter renowned fashion designer Adriana who needs help sorting out her fashion collection! With advice as bright as a flower petal and enthusiasm as effervescent as gossamer wings, our determined fairy sets out with lavish fabrics and top-notch supplies to make Adriana’s dreams come true.

Love Is In The Air
In The Fairy Kingdom

Happy Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air in Fairy Land and we cannot wait to introduce you to some enchanted fairies and share their Valentine’s holiday with you.

Travel with me to New York!

I’m Gigi the Chic Fairy and I’m currently on a magical adventure with my human friend Adiana. I’m on an incredible fashion tour which will allow me the opportunity to make a stop in New York over Christmas.

Travel with me to New York!

I’m Gigi the Chic Fairy and I’m currently on a magical adventure with my human friend Adiana. I’m on an incredible fashion tour which will allow me the opportunity to make a stop in New York over Christmas.

Magical St. Patrick's Day In Fairyland

Discover everything magical for St. Patrick’s Day in Fairy Land here. We have some amazing options to help you celebrate and feel festive.

Learn How Fairies Celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Do you want to learn how those magical little fairies in your fairy garden celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Well, now you can find out with our ultimate guide to Paddy’s Day! Our guide gives you all the tips and tricks on how to throw the most magical St. Patrick’s Day celebration ever. With our guide, you’ll be able to make your friends jealous with this enchanting day full of rainbows, four-leaf clovers, and lots of luck! Get the Learn How Fairies Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day guide today for the best St. Patty’s ever!

Join an Enchanted Fairy Club

Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club has officially launched and we want you to be part of it. You’ll receive four original and magical stories a month and several bonuses too. It’s a literary adventure that you won’t want to miss.

A New Fairy Collection that Keeps on Giving

The Magical Fairy Love Collection is filled with magical fairy clothing and accessories. 10% of the net sales from this collection will go to benefit Operation Underground Railroad. Help our fairies to continue to make a big difference in the world for children.

Explore Gigi's Magical Kingdom


Get ready for a magical journey like no other! Gigi the Magical Chic Fairy is here to take you and your family on an exciting ride through some of the world’s most geographically diverse locations. With her fashionable wardrobe and incredible collection of stories, Gigi will take you from California to Paris to New York City and beyond.

We have four stories in the series so far, and many more are on the way! Don’t forget about the astonishing magical instant fairy gardens that will be available with each book—they make Storytime even more special. As we add more adventures to Gigi’s series and more exclusive products, stay tuned to our website so you won’t miss out on any updates.

Chic Shop

Gigi’s Magical Chic Shop is a beautiful, magical place for fairy-lovers of all ages. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your little one, finding something special for yourself, or simply searching for some unique artwork to add flavor to any room, Gigi’s Magical Chic Shop has it all. From dazzling clothing for kids and adults alike to comfortable pillows and inspiring journals, you’ll find everything necessary to inspire enchantment in your life.

Watch Party

Gigi’s Magical Watch Party is the perfect way to stay informed about everything related to Gigi! Get exciting updates about what she’s currently up to and what new content she’s been working on. You’ll feel like you’re a part of her close circle, getting sneak peeks of behind-the-scenes footage for upcoming projects and discovering Gigi’s upcoming plans before everyone else.

As a Gigi fan, you can watch her book trailer and blog videos first before anyone else. Packed with spellbinding storylines, her books are taking readers around the world into a realm of captivating adventure and mysticism – now available in Gigi’s Magical Watch Party only! With first access to mesmerizing messages from Gigi, you’ll be enchanted by every word spoken as if it was addressed to you.

Chic Kids Club

This is a one-of-a-kind digital download club that your kids won’t want to miss. Our chic kid’s club includes a huge selection of fun activities including mazes, paper dolls, coloring pages, and spot-the-difference challenges. Our downloads are free, making them a great way for parents to keep their children entertained – without breaking the bank. With our easy printing and downloading feature, it is a breeze. From picnics in the backyard to long car rides, days in the park, or boredom-busting on wet weather days – we’ve got the perfect activity for kids of all ages. Join Gigi’s Chic Kids Club today and give your sweeties something fun that will spark their creativity!

Holiday Magic

Get ready for your upcoming holidays with Gigi the Chic Fairy! With her new line of pandemic-proof holiday products, you can celebrate all the holidays in the world from the comforts of home. Whether you’re a part of a small family celebration or organizing a massive virtual holiday get-together, Gigi has everything you need to make it extra special. Bring something special to every occasion with Gigi’s Journals for capturing your thoughts and adventures; Pillows for cozy cuddles in front of the fireplace; Apron for spicing up different meals of the day; and so many other Home Décor pieces like wall hanging and art. All these products feature one central image – that magical sparkle of belief shared by both humans and fairies, with Gigi’s cute face right in the center! Through her own designs created together with her human designer friend Adriana, Gigi will be there to make each memorable moment magical. Let Gigi take care of all your musical wishes this Holiday Season!

Magical Candles

Are you looking for a way to light up your home for the holidays? Look no further than Gigi’s Magical Candles! Combining bright and colorful imagery with fun and whimsical sayings, these candles make the perfect addition to any home. Featuring a special message from Gigi the Magical Chic Fairy herself, they are sure to put a smile on your face. From the traditional soothing holiday scent of vanilla, there are endless possibilities to make your home festive and inviting. Perfect for gift-giving too, give the special people in your life a touch of festive cheer with Gigi’s Magical Candles! Don’t wait – bring some magic into your life today with Gigi’s Magical Candles!
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Parisian Fairy Balloons Perfect For Spring!

Welcome spring into your life with Parisian Fairy Balloons Perfect For Spring! Now you can dress like Gigi the Chic Magical Fairy in the hottest styles of the season. This exclusive line created by Teelie Turner is inspired by her whimsical enthusiasm, bringing an air of lighthearted playfulness to your wardrobe. Featuring unique and colorful balloon designs, these gorgeous garments make a dreamy addition to any ensemble. Choose from our wide selection–whimsical capris, chiffon tops, billowy over coats–all adorned with delightful printed balloons for eye candy and enchantment. Whether you walk through the city streets or enjoy an alfresco brunch, your outfits will be infused with a touch of magical fun. Sparkle in Parisian Fairy Balloons this spring and let your most daring style designs take flight!

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Discover The Magic Of Gigi’s
Instant Fairy Garden

Make every day extraordinary with Discover The Magic Of The Instant Fairy Garden, a digital download featuring Gigi, the mini-fashionista fairy! Give your kiddos an enchanting surprise as they can explore and construct their very own incredible miniature Fairy Garden with no fuss — just one simple download.

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