Valentine's Day Activities

Gigi the Chic Fairy is here with a magical opportunity to make this Valentine’s Day extra special! With Gigi’s Valentine’s Day Activities, you can help your kids get in the holiday spirit surrounded by gigglings, love, and smiles. Her digital activities offer a variety of “FREE” and fun options that are sure to keep kids entertained with countless hours of delight. Color Gigi’s coloring pages and spot the difference between pictures! Enjoy putting together a Magic Paper Doll of Gigi using her clothes and accessorizing it for an even cuter look, for which there are endless possibilities. When things get too challenging, work on her mazes too!

Have a Gigi Valentine’s Day party with all your friends and download every one of her “Free” activities. It’ll be such an amazing experience filled with giggles and so much more.

This Valentine’s Day, let Gigi spread the love around your home by bringing in a day full of family affairs using her magical activities under the enchanted world of fairies!

Maze 1: Gigi was sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Fairy Heart Day. Can you help her follow the paths until she gets to them?

Maze 2: Gigi has received a gift for Fairy Heart Day. But it is located in the centre of the maze. Can you help her get to it?

Gigi’s Magical Paper Doll
Gigi the Chic Fairy could use your help getting dressed. Cut out all of her clothing and fit them on her. She’s going to look amazing when you’re finished.

Spot the Differences: Did you play ‘Eye Spy’ as a child? If so, then you’ll know that you need to keep an eye out for something in particular. Gigi is dressed up for Fairy Heart Day and has the company of come adorable lovebirds. There are 10 differences between the two photos. Enjoy this magical activity.

Coloring Pages: Use your magical design skills to color these two amazing illustrations which feature Gigi the Chic Fairy.

Gig’s Magical Valentine’s Day Card: Gigi knows how important it is to spread the love on such a special day. That’s why she encourages you to share her beautiful creation with everyone you know; download Gigi’s free Magical Valentine’s Day Card today and show your loved ones how much they mean to you in a very special way. What are you waiting for? Download now and let the magical fairy love spread!