Happy Easter Activities

Welcome to Gigi the Chic Fairy’s Magical Kids Club. With the launch of Teelie Turner’s magical book series, we have several magical activities for you to enjoy this Easter!

Maze: Gigi needs your help to find her way out of this magical purple Easter maze. Can you help guide her back to the field of Easter eggs?

The Magical Search: Look closely. What can your eyes see? Can you spot the 13 Easter eggs that are hidden in this amazing illustration? Gigi is very appreciative of your help.

Gigi’s Magical Paper Doll: Gigi the Chic Fairy could use your help getting into her magical Easter outfit. Cut out all of her clothing and fit them on her. She’s going to look amazing when you’re finished.

Coloring Page: Show Gigi how creative you can be as you color this beautiful scene that includes balloons and Easter eggs.

Coloring Pages: Use your magical design skills to color these two amazing illustrations which feature Gigi the Chic Fairy. Gigi is looking forward to a magical Easter celebration.