Kids Club

Welcome to Gigi the Chic Fairy’s Magical Kids Club. With the launch of Teelie Turner’s magical book Gigi’s Magical Parisian Holiday, we have several magical activities for you to enjoy.

The Magical Search: Look closely. What can your eyes see? Can you spot the 9 fairies that are hidden in this amazing illustration?

Maze I: Gigi and her new fairy friend Gordon want to visit the Eiffel Tower while they’re in Paris. But there are several paths for them to take, can you help them find the right one?

Maze II: Gigi needs some help to be able to find her magical pink handbag. Travel through the maze to help her locate it.

Spot the Differences: Did you play ‘Eye Spy’ as a child? If so, then you’ll know that you need to keep an eye out for something in particular. Gigi and her fairy friend Gordon would like you to help discover the 30 differences between the two photos. Enjoy this magical activity.

Coloring Page: Use your creativity to color this magical illustration. Gigi is meeting a new butterfly friend.

Menu: Gigi is trying all sorts of amazing food while she’s in Paris. Use this magical template to create your own special menu.

Thank You Card: Download Gigi’s magical thank you card. She is so glad that you visited her, and she would like you to be able to send your own thank you card to someone who has touched your life.